FB Starter Kit
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Price: $700.00
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Manufacturer: IDF



Front Back Starter Kit. This kit is for people interested in bagging there truck on a budget and is upgradable. Contains Quality and reliable components. *****FREE SHIPPING*****
Kit Includes:

Viair 444 Chrome Compressor
5 Gallon Air Tank - 5 1/2" Ports
4 SMC 3/8" valves
50 ft 1/2" DOT Air Line
4 Air Lift Dominator Bags of your choice
Viair Pressure 165/200switch / relay
2 - 3 Prong Rocker Switches

I am always being asked about Front/Back and Front/Back/Side/Side air suspension setups and want to put some information out there for people who think F/B setups are ok to run.

A F/B/S/S setup should technically be referred to as independent corner control. Here is why.

A 4 valve setup does not provide proper vehicle handling. 8 valves are needed for independent corner control and prevent air transfer when taking turns or, going around curves on the highway. The vehicle will naturally lean to the outside of the curve, when it does this it puts pressure on the outside bags (side of the vehicle the car is leaning to and wanting to pull your body towards). This in turn forces the air through the air lines to the other side of the vehicle, which will lift the vehicle on the inside of the turn even more. So a 4 valve setup will actually cause the vehicle to over roll in a turn more than stock, which can make for unsafe handling. Also the car will never sit level from side to side due to gas tank, battery, passenger, no passenger effecting the weight on each corner of the vehicle. You will also almost never be able to have an accurate alignment to prevent premature tire wear and bump steer issues due to the weight differences. A lot of vehicles will require a different pressure in every bag for the vehicle to sit perfectly level and have an accurate alignment.

So if you are running 4 valves and are having these issues this is why.
Even if you are running sway bars on the vehicle with a 4 valve setup you are putting additional stress (more than with a stock suspension) on the sway bar and other chassis components which can lead to failure.

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